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Attend, on a pas un social committee trop classe dans notre bureau?

From: Collègue du 3ème – social committee
Sent: 21 June 2010 17:26
To: All Users (Bureau des Chefs des Bateaux du Monde – London)
Subject: football wednesday 23rd june

The next England match takes place at 3.00 pm this wednesday, and large screen TV facilities will be provided on the 5th floor for those who would like to watch the game. As always, urgent work which comes up at the same time must be given priority.

In order to ensure that the departments / syndicates are sufficiently staffed during this time it is essential that anyone wishing to watch the game should first seek and obtain his / her line managers’ agreement. Blackberries should be brought with, and reception informed if you attend.

The social committee has some left over peanuts from 2008 which they have kindly agreed to donate, and light refreshment will be provided.